Mission Statement:

BallaratMarketing.com’s mission is to provide laser-focused marketing to get your business in front of your ideal customer, and get you results, based on what Results means for you and your business.

Behind the scenes:

BallaratMarketing.com was formed by Penny Butler. For the past decade, Penny has provided help and training in the areas of website design, marketing, social media, and online businesses. Penny’s expertise covers everything surrounding using social media for business positioning from WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google Places.

Penny is also a keen detective when it comes to search engine optimization and can take a site that’s on page 6 and beyond on Google, to Google Page 1 within days with her knowledge of which techniques beat out the competitors for that particular business.

She’s also very resourceful and specializes in “automated marketing solutions” – refining automation tools to be able to charge less, free up time for her busy clients and achieve far greater results.


  • Lead Generation & Lead Management Systems
  • Automatic Booking & Appointment Reminder Systems
  • Article & Video Marketing Systems
  • Social Media Automation Systems
  • Press Release Marketing Systems
  • And more.

She lives in Ballarat and spends her ‘free time’ sourcing the automatic and shortcut marketing systems and techniques, always wanting to refine and systematize.

Penny will soon be opening an online accountability challenge where she will share all her techniques and tips in 17min rapid-action tasks with busy entrepreneurs who also want to leverage their time and effort.

In May 2010, as the business grew, she partnered up with other companies offering similar services and now together, with her own staff and now a combined 43 staff members worldwide, we can use our combined talents and expertise to provide laser-focused Results Marketing, Lead-Generation, Social Media, Mobile Marketing, SEO and Credibility Packages.

Services Provided:

  • WordPress Advice
  • Local Business “Results” Marketing
  • Social Media “Buzz”
  • Video Campaigns
  • Search Engine optimization
  • “Offline Marketing” Customer Re-activation and Referral Systems
  • Google Domination Campaigns
  • Outsourcing
  • Training Services

Penny Butler
Social Media Training Expert: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Integration & Automation.
Wordpress Training Expert: SEO, Social Media, Automation, Blog Security.
Niche Marketing. Book Publishing. Celebrity “Make you an expert” marketing. Lead Generation.
Outsourcer training. Step-by-step training for outsourcers.
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