What is Google Caffeine?

howsearchworks Google Caffeine Google Caffeine is a new architecture for Google’s web search indexing.

Google Caffeine officially went live today (8th June, 2010).¹

To first understand the changes, you should understand how Google Search works: (Click on the image to watch the video).

Caffeine is a revamp of Google’s indexing infrastructure. It is not a change to Google’s ranking algorithms. ²

In the past, Google’s crawling and indexing systems worked as batch processes – the GoogleBot would crawl your website every few weeks, process the information, and then add it to their index. Now, Google’s index updates at the same time the page is crawled. In other words, when GoogleBot visits your page, it pushes it ‘live’ immediately.

What are Internet Influence Engines and why do they matter to my business?

Although we know Google is the number one search engine, most of us don’t know there are more than 50 other key online locations! You must be using these other locations to help Google rank your business so your target audience can find you.

We call these \”Influence Engines\” and they include:
• Local Search Engines like Google Places, Yahoo! Local, etc.
• Social Networking Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
• Internet Business Directories like Superpages.com and Kudzu
• Online Business Directories specific to your region
• Online Directory Assistance sites like 411.com, and
• Many category-specific directories relating to your industry

They matter to your business because they can have an enormous impact on how easily people find you online. Getting your information listed and encouraging customers to post comments and reviews is one of the first things you should do to get leads and customers from the Internet.

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