Google is more serious about Mobile & Social Media now more than ever before and not only is it important for search engines, but your customers are also relying more and more on social proof. Even grandparents have Facebook accounts, and Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are extremely popular amongst the majority of online users.

Our Social Media marketing packages are customized to your needs and budget but as an example, here are the types of packages that are available:

Social Media Community Manager
Social Media Community Manager

Facebook Profile

  • 5 Friend Requests Per Day (Follow niche criteria)
  • Like all Community Members Posts
  • Add New Community Members to Community List
  • Spend 15 mins. per day engaging with community
  • Make 1 Post in AM from their assigned Pinterest Account – 8am
  • Respond to notifications
  • Check email for leads
  • Respond, engage, interact, share, encourage


Facebook Fan Page

  • Respond to emails
  • Comment / respond
  • Make 1 post per day
  • Automate posts
  • Post 1 promo post per day as instructed
  • Cross Promo to Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blog, Events etc…


Twitter Account

  • Make sure automated tweets scheduled
  • 5-10 tweets per day inc. promo, quotes, statements, tips
  • 3 Retweets per day of community / niche followers
  • Follow 20 new people per day
  • Fridays: Follow Friday
  • Every 2 weeks – Twitter Maintenance
  • Cross Promo to FB, YouTube, LinkedIn, Blog, Events etc…
Price: $Contact
Socializer Monthly Social Media Package
  • Manage 1 x Twitter Marketing Accounts
  • Manage 1 x Facebook Marketing Accounts

We'll grow your Facebook page and Twitter account and report any activity that the company needs to respond to. Click the heading for more details.
Price: $Contact
Social Media Setup
  • Facebook Timeline Cover
  • Secure Vanity URL
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Creation of Twitter account
  • Matching Twitter Background
  • Connect Twitter to Facebook
  • Connect Facebook to Twitter
Price: $Contact