If you are looking for an alternative to our Rent-to-Buy websites, we also have a cost-saving deal for “Business Startups” that need a web presence and want to save on a monthly management fee. We call these sites “self-managed” and these sites allow you to get a low-cost website while getting your business up and going quickly.
[c_6 last=”true”] [message type=”warning”] All you need to do is provide the content, and we create your website where the premium designs have been hand-picked by us to generate you more business. [/message] [/gn_list] [divider]
The lead-capturing design is especially important for business startups who haven’t yet got regular clients. Many people get a website and then wonder why they aren’t getting any business from it – aside from the obvious lack-of-marketing of the site, the reason people don’t get any leads from their website is usually the ‘design’.
Even people who promote their ‘flashy’ websites to thousands of visitors with SEO, PPC, or any other unlimited ways of Effective Marketing may not get a single client from their website if their design is not setup to strongly compel the visitors into connecting. If you aren’t capturing them from the very first visit – you may of lost them forever or at the very least for months.
Just look at how ‘you’ use the internet and what you do when you browse businesses online; how many times have you thought “nice” but then closed it for another day? How many times did you return? You must compel your visitors to contact you from the very first moment they land on your page. [/gn_column] [divider]


Call-to-Action Websites

[c_8 first=”true”] [message type=”info”] There is a once-off setup fee which includes 12 complimentary months hosting (value: $129/yr) and unlike the rent-to-buy websites, there are no monthly maintenance, seo or marketing fees. That means, you get a website and only pay for any changes/marketing when you need them ($50/hr – min. 1 hour). You can even make your own website changes – we provide full training videos. [/message]



If you want to learn more about “start smart” websites – please watch the video on our other site as it explains why you should be thinking in terms of compelling visitors to “contact you” immediately.

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Sample Self-Managed Designs:

Call to Action Websites
Lead Generating Websites
Lead Generating Websites
Lead Generating Websites
Lead Generating Websites
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How to Start?

  1. Contact us to discuss design, pages, domain name, and get further information.
  2. Purchase your domain name (with our help).
  3. Tell us the 5 pages you would like created: (such as: Home/About/Contact/Services/Testimonials, etc.).
  4. Prepare the content for those pages (we also offer content packs if you get stuck, but the best person to write about your business is you – you know your business better than anyone!).
  5. Help keep your costs down: Double-check your grammar and spelling to make sure it is prepared exactly the way you want it to appear on your website (as we charge for changes/ammendments).
  6. Email the content to us so that we can begin to work on your website.
Start Here [/c_8]

If you’re not sure if any of the designs are right for you, let us know and we will seek out a more relevant design and let you know of any extra costs involved (cost is calculated on the price of design and how advanced the features are to configure).

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Terms & Features:

  • Lead-Generating WordPress Design & 12 Months Hosting
  • No Contracts – you own the domain and the website and you can move either of them at any time (No refund on hosting as the 12 months hosting is complimentary)
  • Second year hosting is charged at only $129/yr (We use the ever-reliable and awesome “Hostgator” for our hosting)
  • We’ll setup the first 5 email addresses yourname@yourwebsite.com etc for you. Just let us know and we’ll create them for you. If you need more than 5, we can show you how to to do it yourself.
  • You get Step-by-Step WordPress Training Videos so that you can learn how to manage the website yourself.

WordPress Plugins Included:

  • Contact Form
  • All-in-One SEO
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Login Lockdown
  • TimThumb Vulnerability Scanner
  • Traffic Player Advanced (Worth $147)
  • and WP Customer Reviews

A Contact Form is already included, but if you want something more advanced, see also Lead Capture Options

[c_6 last=”true”] You maintain the SEO/Security/Backups/Content yourself (or we bill you at $50/hr) – if this is something you are not wanting to do yourself, you are much better off buying our “Rent-to-Buy” Website package. where we take care of everything for you including weekly backups, keyword research, optimizing your content for search engines, and keeping your security and maintenance up-to-date each month as well as offering up to 2 hours free content changes per month)

You need to purchase your own domain name and we can help you with this for free. We will also help do the nameserver updates and any technical changes to do with your domain name for free (you need to provide the username & password)

Website content should be provided within 30 days and your website will be up as fast as you can get the content to us :)

Note: If you have any logos and specific colours, etc. specific to your business branding, please let us know prior to choosing your design as some designs need extensive coding changes to change colours.

Tip: If you don’t have any photos for your website, Stock Photos can be purchased from istockphoto from $2/ea (note: we are not creating “posters” or brochures with these photos, so the the smallest/cheapest photos are the perfect size for your website)
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Ready to Order or Learn More?

Get all your questions answered with a free phone/skype consultation:


See also “Website Addons” if you’d like even more extras (link opens to our other website “webwooky”).