Package 1:

Self-Managed Website

Sample Call-to-Action Websites

Cost-saving deal for “Business Startups” that need a simple self-managed web presence and want to save on the monthly fee.

All you need to do is provide the content and we will create you a 5 page website from our hand-picked client-pulling designs.

Includes complimentary 12 months hosting (value: $129/yr) and unlike the rent-to-buy websites, there are no monthly maintenance, seo or marketing fees.

That means, you get a website and only pay for any changes or marketing when you need them or you can make your own website changes – we include full training videos.

Price: $959 (One-time)


self-managed websites

Package 2:

Rent to Buy Website

Sample Site Designs

Our Rent-to-Buy website package provides you with up to 10 content pages initially (not including Contact Page, Privacy Policy or any other “Legal” type pages which are included free).

There are no restrictions on what you add to your website. We take care of any changes, on-going maintenance updates, website backups, and seo optimization of your website. (Yes, you can just call us up or email us and say “add this to my website” and we’ll add it for you – up to 2/hrs a month updates included!)

We also provide full administrator rights to make changes, add more pages, and modify and update the website whenever you like (with an easy-to-use backend system that allows you to manage changes without having to learn any coding), and at the end of 12 months, the website is yours to keep.

Price: $2,997 Setup + $99/mo


Managed Websites

managed websites


Package 3:

DIY Website Training

Learn More

Would you rather learn how to create a website from scratch?

We now ofter one-on-one tuition and group workshops so that you can learn how to create your own website – learn all the tricks on how to setup and manage your own site, make changes, and site hacker protection, backups and the coolest tools & designs.

Price: TBA

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How are our websites different from the competiton?

  • We include all the required Legal Pages* (drawn-up by a lawyer) including Anti-Spam Policy, Copyright Notice, Disclaimer, DMCA Compliance, Federal Trade Commission Compliance (if you sell to USA), Privacy Policy, Terms of Service & Conditions of Use (Worth $Hundreds) *except for landing page package
  • No Contracts – leave anytime you wish
  • We only use Premium WordPress Themes and Premium HTML Landing Pages. Premium sites are websites which have been professionally designed, coded and tested in advance and include advanced features, functionality and additional services that you would not normally be able to afford if you paid a professional coder to do it for you (either for the time it takes or for the cost of the programmers). Nor would you be able to test it yourself to see if it is poorly coded and hurting your rankings in the search engines. The biggest advantage of using a premium site design is that it saves you months of paying a professional developer an hourly fee to implement – a professional custom-designed website would cost you upwards of $3,000 – $20,000+ and the cheaper ones you see are usually a PSD designed site converted into wordpress or html (using software!) that has basic funcionality and does not include any of the advanced features of using a pre-coded, advanced-tested premium theme – if it did – it would take them many months of coding/testing/bug-fixing/more testing and so on – your website wouldn’t be ready for months! Ask us more about this – we could easily fill up this whole page!
  • 12 Months Free Hosting included (2nd year charged at only $129/yr)
  • All images optimized for Search Engines
  • Traffic Player Advanced Plugin included with every wordpress website (Worth $147) – click the link for more information.
  • Unlimited Email Addresses (anytime you need a new email address, just ask us and we’ll set it up for you)
  • Contact Form (This should go without mentioning but we’re always shocked when a website has been professionally designed for someone and doesn’t even include a working contact form)
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What are the benefits of having a “Managed” website?

  • Weekly backups for peace of mind. (Value: $50/m)
  • We’re experts – we’ve worked with large multi-million dollar corporations and know advanced techniques that smaller website companies may not have learnt yet – we implement our advanced techniques naturally without having to be “asked” to do them. Once you learn advanced seo, advanced marketing, and advanced backend & security configurations, you can’t “not” do it for your customers – it’s just a natural consequence of years of experience. (Value: $thousands)
  • We let you know what domain name is going to best for getting better search engine rankings – you can have an almost “empty” site and still get awesome rankings on page one of Google if you have the right domain name. (Value: Live or Die website)
  • We host our websites with the popular and ever-reliable Hostgator. (Value: Reliability)
  • We provide advanced Keyword Research (Value: $250) on every managed site we do and optimize the content for search engines on all the initial content naturally, without being asked.
  • Testimonials/Reviews System and built-in KML file – you’ll get better “Google Places” rankings with this (Value: $80)
  • We keep your website maintenance up-to-date (Value: $100/m + Peace of Mind of protection against spammers & hackers)
  • Manage your Content Changes (up to 2 hours/m) (Value: $100)
  • Helpful staff (If you want training on anything to be able to do it yourself, we’ll help you personally, one-on-one)
  • Analytics and more. We install Google Analytics, setup your website sitemap and submit it to Google webmaster tools for you.
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